Hooray for Saturday.

I thought it might be fun to make a post of articles, pictures, recipes, and other interesting links from the internet I found this week. Many of my favorite bloggers (like her and her and her) do the same thing on their own particular day. I love those posts! They always have interesting stuff I haven’t seen before, and I thought it would be fun to do one too.

Ps, I love how short the week feels when Monday is a holiday! Built in bonus there. I’ve also been trying to knock something off my Culinary Resolution List for this year, and last night I made this amazing broiled salmon recipe for my “eat more fish” resolution. mmmmm it was no hardship lemme tell you! It came out exactly like the recipe (I only made the salmon part)- and I love cooking it under the broiler! Slightly crispy exterior, and super easy to clean up if you put it on foil.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending it celebrating my sweet mom’s birthday :) On Sunday the fam is getting together for a pool party bbq to celebrate her. She’s an awesome mother and does so much for all of us- hopefully she will feel as special as she deserves! I’m making her all time favorite cake- German Chocolate. yum! Happy Birthday Mom! MUAH.

My mom with her newest grandbaby

On to the list:

1. {Bloggers} So…kind of awesome- I won a cookbook earlier this week from fellow blogger foodie by night. I’ve never win giveaways so I am pretty stoked to get this little number in the mail :  )

Little Paris Kitchen

2. {Laugh} Check out this video of a lip synch battle between Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski. HiLARious. You will crack up, I promise!

Lip Synch Video

3.  {Bread} This Brown Sugar Banana Bread looks incredible. Check out that thick glaze! Ooh. I don’t really have a favorite banana bread…Yet. This looks like a game changer.

Brown Sugar Banana Bread

4. {For the Kids} I found this handy printable of free learning websites for kids! Definitely bookmarking these for when the little ones are napping and I need my big kid to keep busy!

Learning Websites for Kids

5. {Dinner} Wowza this steak has my name written all over it! And those Roasted Potato Coins…they are “reedeeculously goodlooking”. (any takers on this movie phrase?)


6. {Treat} Yum! I’ve been loving making truffles for girly holidays (so far Valentines Day and Mother’s Day) and these Lazy Day Truffles look perfect for the next occasion!

Lazy Day Truffles

7. {DIY Food}I love anything that will make my morning easier, and this whole wheat waffle mix looks super healthy as well as delicious!

DIY Whole Wheat Waffle Mix

8. {Veggies} This roasted roasted red potato salad looks so good! And a bacon dressing? Yes indeed! I’m happy to have discovered this blogger Heidi of Foodie Crush- she has great recipes, beautiful pictures, and a way with words. In this post she says her family ate the potato salad “fast and hard and happily so”.


9. {Places} This is for real. A bridge in Paris called Saut de Seine. It’s a trampoline bridge that spans a river (probably the Seine?) near the Eiffel Tower. HOW fun. I want to go to France even more now.

Paris Trampoline Bridge

I hope you like my little weekly wrap-up!

Please feel free to link to your own list, or share some of the virtual or real highlights from your week! (and hint, the movie I quoted stars Ben Stiller)

8 thoughts on “Hooray for Saturday.

  1. Thank you, sweetheart.
    I loved the lip sync battle. It was hilarious; I laughed until I had tears in my eyes! How did you find it? I will have to download some of those kid things to keep at Mimi’s house for rainy days (or more likely, for super hot days). Your Hooray for Saturday idea is great. You must have spent a lot of time finding just the right things to post.

  2. Movie reference is ZOOLANDER!! I caught it right away. Love the weekly roundup idea. So fun! I’m going to have to go back and watch the lip sync battle. Came to check the blog for your donut recipe! I might be making them with a friend tomorrow. I love your blog!! Keep the post comin! :)

    • Haha good catch! I hope you do make the doughnuts tomorrow! Message me if you have a question, and please let me know if you make them! I’ve never had anyone tell me they’ve made one of my recipes before :-)

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