Hooray for Saturday.

Hooray for Saturday! Yesterday here was hooooooot. And today is supposed to be the hottest one yet. I’m talkin 105-107 depending on where you are in my city. You heard me right! Although at least in California we get dry heat… in Texas, as Big Mama put it, the humidity made her feel like she was “in a dishwasher set on ‘SANITIZE’ for an hour.” Haha! …I mean, I’m sorry my dear Texas in-laws!

1. {Cake} Let’s start with cake, shall we? One recipe is never enough, and skillet recipes like this one are clutch for their no muss no fuss style.

Skillet Chocolate Cake

2. {Laugh} This is an Ellen scare montage. So FUNNY. How can you not laugh out loud when you watch her?  (incidentally, if I ever use the acronym “lol” I never mean I actually laughed out loud. It’s become a different word to me…Anyone else?)

3. {Read} This list of 50 Great Books that Will Change Your Life from RealSimple is great. I want to read so many of them, and I love the variety on the list- from NY apartment architecture to test kitchens. I never have time to read anymore (I listen to booktapes- that way I can knit at the same time!) but if I did I would start with a book from this list.

50 Great Books

4. {Light} This blackened mahi-mahi with an avocado salsa looks delicious. Perfect for grilling this summer!

blackened mahi mahi

5. {Father’s Day} This is a cute idea for that special dude in your life! (especially if he’s a M&M lover)

m&m candy dispender idea

6. {DIY} This is genius!!! DIY turns a salt container top into a dispenser for a mason jar. AND a recipe idea for fried garlic crumbles. I need both of these things in my life, stat.

Mason Jar into a Dispenser

7. {Pasta} Mmm this pasta looks heavenly! Perfect for garden fresh veggies this summer!

olive oil poached cherry tomato sauce

8. {Cookies} Oh jeez. I really did not need this kind of trouble for my hips: Brownie Sandwich Cookies (with salted caramel buttercream). A friend commented that my recipes have been too healthy on the blog so far…I might have to make this one for her!

Brownie Sandwich Cookies with Salted Caramel Buttercream

9. {Kids} This looks like a summertime lifesaver: the Mom, I’m Bored Jar . This has a printable idea list that you can cut out with suggestions for your kids to do when they tell you they’re bored. It’s a gamble for both of you! It means you might have to drop everything and go to the library, or you might get a baseboard cleaned. Thankfully, my kids can’t read yet, so the power would be all mine, bwahahah. (ps my two year old has just learned how to do an evil laugh like this. So stinkin cute.)

Mom I'm Bored

10. {Snack} This hummus mimics the flavors of an everything bagel. That sounds so good! Healthy with a little sinful. Gotta try it.

Everything Hummus

11. {Tech} This is a pretty cool gadget for plugging in all your stuff in a limited space…Might be a good father’s day gift idea!

pivot power

12.{Fluffy Stuff} Can you even handle how cute this is?? My friend Sophie and her dachshund Penny helped these little orphaned newborn bunnies survive until she could find a safe home for them. Precious!


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Try to stay cool!

5 thoughts on “Hooray for Saturday.

  1. WOOT! Our blog made the list! :) Thank you for sharing!
    O.K. that Ellen clip was amazing! I was laughing out loud. (Totally agree with you that “lol” is a different word, btw). I think when she scared Taylor Swift was my favorite! Here is another totally funny Ellen clip I have to share if you haven’t already seen it: http://youtu.be/t5jw3T3Jy70. I laughed until I cried when I first saw it.

    I’m going to check out that m&m Father’s Day idea and maybe switch it with skittles since they are one of my hubby’s favorites and I still have no clue what we are going to do for him!

    • Yes, skittles would be perfect! That will be a crack up to see him get “ice” the first time :) Thanks for sharing that Ellen clip- so funny! And random that she is so into sloths!
      And you should totally start blogging again!- you could do craft stuff, musings, and behind the scenes on your gorgeous and fabulous cakes and cupcakes…or whatever :) I’d read it!

  2. Right now it is 84 degrees and the humidity is 41%. All in all a pleasant day so far..We have had a pretty mild spring. Usually by this time of June it is much warmer, up in the 90’s. I’m hoping that we will have a milder summer than usual this year.
    Going to try out the Olive Oil and Cherry Tomato Recipe…and I love the idea of a choc cake in my iron skillet. Stay cool.

    • Chickie, that’s almost half water! Does it feel like you are walking through hot fog sometimes? We played in the slip n slide today :-) very hot but so fun!

  3. This looks easy to do. Homemade paint made from 1 cup water, 1 cup flour,1 cup salt and food coloring.,

    Colors of the rainbow #doityourself #homemadepaint #harmlessingredients #fun and #creative ❤

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