Hooray for Saturday.

Hooray for Saturday ...ShugaMama {making life sweet at home}

I don’t know if is because I missed last week or what, but I have so many cool links to share with you today!

Also, I made jelly. That one little sentence does not adequately describe

the blood (well, burnt fingers), sweat (there are a lot of hot pots on the stove, what?!), and tears (of joy, upon gazing on my beautiful jelly).¬† Our next door neighbors have a huge orchard and garden and are always sharing their harvest with us. They have The Most Amazing Berries I Have Ever Had. Yes. In capital letters- it’s that good. This jelly was made from their amazing berry juice.

Boysenberry Jelly... ShugaMama {making life sweet at home}

The actual making of jelly was super simple- I’m just not used to canning and I didn’t have the timing quite right- the canner pot is HUGE and took forever to come to a simmer. But the jelly turned out amazing, and I’m super stoked to have this knowledge under my belt now. Yesterday they brought over a huge basket of apricots, and next I’m going to figure out how to can those too! Totally stoked to be crossing an item off my kitchen resolution list!

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1. {Holiday} I love this post by Our Best Bites on how to create a very simple yet fabulous 4th party. Lots of quick and easy recipe and decorating ideas. (ps, these bloggers are awesome. So down to earth- I love them.)

Pretzel Sparklers!

Pretzel Sparklers!

2. {Dinner} I don’t normally go for meatloaf, but this salsa turkey meatloaf with cheddar looks really good! She says the cheddar makes a crispy crust on bottom…yum!


3.{Laugh} These people know me. And so do you if you read my post last week.

laundry is done

4. {Garden} I love this article on how to grow the most amazing strawberries- her secret makes total sense, and I have already been implementing it on my strawberry patch- we’ll see if it works!


5. {Frozen} This blogger (Brown Eyed Baker) has lots of delicious looking ice cream recipes- her latest one is mouthwatering: Toasted Almond Fudge. I already love that flavor- how good would this be homemade?


6. {Pattern} I came across this beautiful shawl pattern this week. I don’t know if it’s the graceful scallops or the bright punch of colors, but I’m totally digging this one.

Betsey shawl

7. {Laugh} Hehe this parenting “rap” video made me laugh! I liked when the mom flung her coupons around like a baller. (can you tell how white I am? Maybe baller only refers to cool basketball players…not sure)

parent rap

8. {DIY} This upcycled sweatshirt actually looks doable and cute. Although, I’m gonna be real here- my sewing board on Pinterest is the one place I pin but NEVER make anything.

upcycled sweat shirt

9. {Soup} This looks like another garden bounty dish-tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil…all in my garden right now. yum!

tomato soup

10. {Craft} This looks easy and would look so charming on a homemade card. (no website, just picture link)

leaf art

11. {Side Dish} Mmmmmmm. I love potatoes. And these baked parmesan and herb potatoes look SO good!

Baked Parm and Herb Potato Slices

See anything good this week? Share in the comments below!

sis on slip n slide

Have a fabulous weekend!

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