Hooray for Saturday

Hooray for Saturday ...ShugaMama {making life sweet at home}

What a fun holiday we had! BBQ, pool, family, the works! My mom and I tried out a version of this roasted veggie dish, except we used root vegetables- parsnips, purple sweet potatoes, and carrots. It turned out really good, except I’m still on the fence about parsnips. They puzzle my tongue. Kind of like a peppery carrot. And the purple sweet potatoes were crazy purple! It was fun, even if we were the only ones who ate it!

Also I’ve been working on an ice cream recipe to share, but my first attempt was unsuccessful. As in, the hubs and I still ate every scrap, but it’s not perfected yet. Oh rats, I’ll just have to make homemade ice cream again.

Here’s a few things I found interesting this week- enjoy!
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1. {laugh} This silly list of 27 Ways to Be as American as Ron Swanson seems fitting given the holiday : ) My husband aspires to be more like him lol! This is for you shug!

Ron Swanson

2. {diy} I think these hanging mason jar lanterns are way cute. I’ve had that problem too- of wanting to put up cute lighting outside, but not being near an outlet. Love them. I don’t know I’ve survived without mod podge.

mini mason jar lanterns

3. {tutorial} This is a neat trick! I am so glad I found this. More often than not I end up using jarred minced garlic because I don’t want to hassle with the skins. #gamechanger


4. {dinner} This looks so good! Grilled beer and buttermilk chicken with a sriracha glaze. I love every part of that sentence. Recipe from The Beeroness, no less.


5. {breakfast}These Strawberry Jam Biscuits are calling to me. You know how I feel about buttermilk. And having dessert for breakfast. Win-win.


6. {treat} Oh jeez. I’ve been seeing smore’s concoctions all over the web and pinterest lately, but this one is the only one that has really caught my eye! I could so sink my teeth into that.

smores fudge bars

7. {sew} Love this bubble ruffle skirt! My girl would just freak out over it.

bubble ruffle tutu tutorial_thumb[3]

8. {how-to} Great post on beginning canning! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of her series too. You should check out her site, Food In Jars- lots of different intriguing recipes. I’m enamored with her Tomato Butter recipe, sounds strange and wonderful!

Canning Basics

9. {frozen} Homemade Bomb Pops. These look gorgeous and delicious! Raspberry, coconut, and blueberry sound so fruity and refreshing.

Homemade bomb pops

Have an amazing weekend!

Baby in the Pool

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3 thoughts on “Hooray for Saturday

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to try the smores recipe. Soon. It would be great for bunco! That’s the cutest tutu ever.

    • Oooh, you should! I think you should do a test run before you serve them to guests though… ya know… just to be safe. I love that tutu too. I think I could make it…maybe next time joanns has a coupon I’ll stock up on tulle!

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