Hooray for Saturday.

Happy weekend!


Now, I know for lots of you today is not your weekend. I’m sorry. Until the hubs got his new job a few months ago, we had middle of the week “weekends” for two years. It makes going to the beach and the mall a lot easier on your days off, but you miss out on that communal joy that seems to leak out of the neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday.

Anyway, this post has lots of dinner ideas, so if you need dinner inspiration, definitely read on. You can also check out my dinner board on Pinterest. I think I return to my own boards to look up recipes more often than I browse. It’s like my virtual cookbook. I also have a board where I put pins I’ve made, and I leave a note about how they turned out. I call it my Showoff Board. Are you on Pinterest? Link up in the comments! I love finding new people with common interests to follow : )

1. {Dinner} Slow and Low Dry-Rub Oven Chicken. Yuum.

slow and low dry rub oven chicken

2. {Products} BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor. Saw these handy new inventions on one of my new favorite blogs, Food In Jars.

BNTO canning adaptor

3. {Kids} Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Kids. There are some great ideas here… one of my favorites is to give each kid a cookie sheet. Markers and little race cars won’t roll off the edge of the pan!


3. {Breakfast} Blueberry Avocado Muffins? I’m intrigued! Healthy food that tastes like dessert = winning.


4. {Dinner} Crock Pot Bourbon Chicken with Crunchy Apple Slaw. The name is a bit of a mouthful, but one that I want in mine! This sounds a little unusual and SO good! I told my husband we need to buy some bourbon. (Is it just me, or are bourbon recipes popping up all over?) He was okay with it.


5. {DIY} Dinosaur Serving Dish. How CUTE is this?? My son would just love this! It would even make for a somewhat simple project that he and I could do together.


6. {Veggies} Slow Cooker Ratatouille.

slow cooker ratatouille

7. {Crafty} maps.stamen.com This website transforms your particular piece of the map into a cool watercolor. This would be cute to print out on a card for someone who just moved or bought a house.


8. {Dinner} Heirloom Tomato Pizza. How gorgeous is this? I’m loving all these recipes I’ve stumbled across that utilize your garden’s deliciousness (or your farmer’s market…or your Safeway!)


9. {Laugh} The Trustworthiness of Beards. We should print this out and keep it handy in case we run across any bearded fellas and need to determine their danger level.

trustworthiness-of-beards crop

10. {Dessert} Chocolate Bailey’s Mud Cake. Ya’ll know I can’t post a Hooray for Sat. without a dessert. This looks just luscious.

baileys mud cake

Have a great weekend, however you like to enjoy it!

And I’m serious- If you are reading this and you are on pinterest, leave your link down in the comments! I would love to follow you. In the least creepiest way.

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Saturday.

  1. That tomato pizza looks fantastic. I’d even be willing to try the avocado muffins. Your chocolate cake is so hard to beat that I don’t know if I’d try any other. Yours is amazing! What happens when you follow someone on Pinterest? Does it notify you when that person adds something?

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